• For he will be like a tree planted by the water, that extends its roots by a stream ...

    • Jeremiah 17:8

    • The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

    • Psalm 18:2

Love Your Neighbor


A non-believing Jewish man pointed us to another Jewish home where we could offer the Scriptures.  How’s that for ‘loving your neighbor’, without realizing what you’re really doing! In this case pointing a finger wasn’t bad at all.

Hello and shalom to our brethren and friends who are part of this important ministry: Knock and Talk


While you might have wondered if these were silent weeks of no action, we would like to remind you of those supposed silent years between the writing of Malachi and the first century New Testament writers. We know that God was anything but silent in those years with the development of the Septuagint and the event of Antiochus and the temple’s desecration being two important examples. These were, after all the years leading up to the Messiah’s first coming, important preparation years, for sure!

For us these past couple of months were not silent either; Bible distribution continued. Since our last report, we went out weekly, having given out more than 60 sets to Jewish homes. For the last year, we were heavily focused on one neighborhood and have been blessed with so many receiving the Word into their home. We have perhaps another week or two in this particular suburb and then we are moving onto another Jewish area in Montreal. We covet your prayers as we continue the door to door ministry. On our last outing, we had two teams. One of them met up with an Israeli woman who was shown Isaiah 53 and she began reading it in her native Hebrew. She seemed sincerely drawn by what she read and we pray that those words will echo back in her mind and heart very soon and bring her to a deep understanding of her Messiah.


Please find below the latest report we have from Calgary and be encouraged!


The Calgary team was joyfully back on the road after the Hanukah and Christmas holidays. In an effort to make things smoother, we usually go out and check beforehand for those homes which have mezuzahs and then on the night we go out, it makes things easier. We had 6 addresses to visit but no one was at home at 3 of them. A very friendly Jewish man (G.B.) kindly refused the T’nach because he already had one and declined the Brit Chadeshah. However, he did point us to his Jewish neighbor who didn’t have a doorpost mezuzah, encouraging us to offer them the set of Scriptures. We visited his neighbor but they weren’t home, so we left them a pamphlet pointing to prophecies in Scriptures about the Messiah. G.B. also invited us to visit his very good friend, Pastor John who lives across the street. When we spoke to John, it brought him close to tears. He was so touched by our work, admitting he didn’t know how to approach his neighbor G.B. after 20 years of witnessing to him. We pointed him to Ariel Ministries, and other Messianic Jewish Ministries with their available resources. We encouraged that dear brother to continue witnessing to his friend G.B. and his wife K. We assured him that we would pray for his burden of sharing the Jewish Messiah, that one day he would see his efforts come to fruition! John accepted our offer of a set of Jewish Scriptures for Gary or any other Jewish neighbors he knew in his area. Praise the Lord for opened doors and for this small but closely knit neighborhood of Jewish and Christian friends. We invite all who have read this report to join us in praying for G.B. his wife K. and Pastor John’s other Jewish neighbors.


Shalom shalom,

The Calgary Team


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