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  • Ladies Conference presented by Ariel Ministries Canada (Sorry guys!) October 7th & 8th 2016, US Columbus Day & Canadian Thanksgiving Day Weekend Friday 5 to 8:30 pm and Saturday 9 am to 4:30 pm Come for supper at 5:00 Friday. The conference teaching will begin at 6:00. Overnight acco... [read more]
  • Security guards are paid to do surveillance and protect those under their care from danger. They provide greater peace of mind for those who live in those areas. Yeshua tells us in the gospel of John 10:28, 29 that we are doubly gripped by Him and the Father, and cannot ever lose our salvation… that... [read more]
  • Women and those appearing before a camera often use blush or rouge to create a healthier glow. And though makeup, and in particular foundation, can be used to cover up skin imperfections, only the blood of the Lamb can cover all our inner imperfections - the sin that separates us from a holy God. Al... [read more]
  • Has Time Magazine inherited a new credential? Can it stand the test of time as a predictor of things to come? Actuaries do it all the time. Even in the scientific world there is no such thing as chance or fate. All matter falls under the control of laws which govern what is already set in motion. Ev... [read more]
  • For a Bible-believing Christian, the response to this question is crucial because Israel permeates the whole of Scriptures from Genesis through to Revelation. With over 2,600 references to Israel, Scripture devotes 75% of itself to the history of the Jewish people. Faulty view or perfect vision Be... [read more]